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Check below some of the exciting events and activities we organise every year.  

Latino American & Spanish Film Festival

Since 2013, our numerous embassies in NZ, in partnership with The University of Waikato, have proudly presented the Festival in Hamilton. This cultural extravaganza has expanded its reach to over ten cities annually, with subtitled screenings accessible to all, free of charge. Every year, one embassy in NZ is honoured as the primary host, with the ambassador gracing opening nights across the regions.

These special evenings are adorned with delectable cuisine and vibrant music from the host country, accompanied by brief speeches from the Ambassador and a University representative, culminating in a screening of a film showcasing the cultural richness of the hosting nation.

Spanish Language Week

We are dedicated to promoting both the language and culture of Spanish-speaking communities, not only within Kirikiriroa's Spanish-speaking groups but also among the wider community. Through our classes, we provide a valuable opportunity for many individuals to learn our language and embrace our cultural traditions. We firmly believe that exposure to diverse languages and cultures nurtures greater tolerance and understanding, essential for fostering a positive and inclusive environment within our diverse city. Moreover, we recognize the critical period in children's development when language acquisition occurs naturally and effortlessly. With this in mind, our Children's Spanish Language and Culture Classes were established to cater to New Zealand-born children with one or both parents coming from Spanish-speaking countries. While these children may have some familiarity with their parents' culture at home, they often lack avenues to further explore and deepen this knowledge.

Our program is designed to not only teach language skills but also to provide a platform for cultural enrichment. By doing so, we aim to cultivate a stronger sense of belonging to the Spanish/Hispanic community among these children. Additionally, we warmly welcome children from other communities who are eager to learn Spanish and engage with our culture.

According to Hamilton City Council data, more than 30,000 individuals in Hamilton identify with a culture or ethnicity that is not NZ European or Māori. This represents nearly a quarter of the Hamilton population and reflects the city's ongoing experience of significant immigration growth from various ethnic communities. For these migrant communities, maintaining a connection to their cultural roots is most important, serving as a vital link to their heritage and identity amidst the challenges of relocation and adaptation.

Spring Festival

Taking place annually in September at the Hamilton Gardens, this event is a vibrant tribute to the onset of Spring. It showcases the richness of Hispanic-Latin American music, traditional dances, and culinary delights offering the broader community a glimpse into our culture. With a history spanning over 18 years, the festival has evolved into a cherished tradition, not only for the Spanish-speaking community but also for all residents of the Waikato region.

Drawing over 2,000 attendees each year, it has become a highly anticipated and inclusive celebration, fostering connections and appreciation across diverse cultural backgrounds.


This kindergarten, led and coordinated by volunteer mothers, receives funding and support from the Ministry of Education. It serves as an invaluable entry point for children to engage with other Latin-Hispanic families and preserve their language and culture.

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